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(Formerly Nighthawk  Bird Control)

ARLINGTON -- City officials are hoping trained hawks will discourage flocks of grackles from roosting at the shopping center at Little Road and Green Oaks Boulevard off the Interstate 20 frontage road in southwest Arlington. Roger Crandall of Nighthawk Bird Control will use two Harris hawks as well as green laser pointers to try to force the grackles to leave. The team plans to release the hawks in the area about 10:30 each night over the next few days. Nighthawk is donating its services. The company has also abated grackle roosting problems in downtown Fort Worth.



This 8 minute video explains the benefits of using hawks for bird control. The first half point out the many health hazards to humans caused by roosting birds, while the second half includes footage of Roger Crandall and Fal-Tech falconers flying their Harris Hawks at nuisance birds at a North Texas refinery, as well as other locations.